Canyon News

   It's always busy at the Canyon! 


       Orders have been going out slowly but steadily, as we continue to work hard!

Please understand we are dealing with 100's of orders and doing the best we can, 

working around the clock to fill orders. 

Do not  panic, we do everything in house, and are fully self reliant, in that we do our own design,  production, packing, and dispatch. 

We are also fully equipped, trained and supplied for any and

all situations related to the production and sales of our products!


About the Canyon philosophy...

  We completely understand and can sympathize with you, our supporters, how disappointing it is to endure long delays in order fulfillment.  We too face these same disappointing delays in our everyday lives everywhere we turn, and we at the BCT are striving to do better than the rest.  We want you to please understand that this small company was built over the past 15 years on two main principles: Quality, and Loyalty.

 Made in the USA by hand!     With attention to every detail!

                Those two values are at our forefront, meaning one, the product standard comes first, and two, the customer always gets what they paid for, even if it is late.  We have tried various systems to speed up things, including having many employees but then the quality suffers, and Scott feels it best that he controls most aspects of the business, so it just takes times when the order flow is large, which is most of the time, due to the demand for our unique products. 

                The moment the pandemic broke out over two years ago, we began stocking the business up to be able to bring you uninterrupted service, and that aspect is working great.  We have EVERYTHING we need to keep bringing you the same great products, and many new releases to come.  The infrastructure, supplies, and product line are in place, it is merely a matter of timing and physical hands-on processing and it just takes time. 


            Everything is processed factory style, but each piece is touched by hands, and has heart and soul put into it.  Scott and I work out here every day, sometimes twelve plus hours a day to manufacture the items we offer.  We both are collectors, and while we do charge for our items, it truly is a labor of love.  We put everything we have into it. 

                 Each and every order is important to us, large and small from five dollars to five thousand.  We rely on your patronage, and it is necessary in order to keep the doors open to bring you these high quality products. We ask that you please don't bail on an order,  and let us process it for you as most of them are begun when received,  and have materials already in them.   

             We process each order in the chronological order in which it was received so please be patient.

 Each and every order will be filled and delivered, we just ask that you please be patient with us.   


            Things that do not help: Constant emails do not help, and opening pay-pal cases to force our hand does not help.      Threats will not be tolerated.  We are working on orders within our processing system, in order.  When someone tries to force our hand, with chargebacks or pay-pal cases, we will be left with no choice but to cancel their order as it is not fair to others by, in essence, trying  to 'cut in line.' 

                Things that do help:  Patience.   Orders are leaving each and every day by the dozens, please be patient and your turn is coming.

                Quick and friendly emails, and please don't ask for an exact date, a general time yes, but don't hold us to a specific day.   We know everyone wants a dispatch date,  which is  very hard to predict because we truly are that busy currently.   Our time is best spent just working on the orders.


             We are very busy right now, but as stated, we are working very hard, around the clock.  We have an inventory infrastructure already in place, we will be stocking it.  This backup is mainly due to the unexpected success of  our holiday sales, but as we said we are stocked up and systems in place for a bountiful and much improved operational 2022.


              We've worked very hard over the past 15 years, to acquire and keep valued customers.  We appreciate each and every one of you. 

Concerning current lead times for...

EXISTING ORDERS:  Orders already placed are on a case by case basis depending on the

time of placement and size of each order, and the aforementioned circumstances mentioned above,

we ask that you please contact us for an estimated period of shipment. 

   If you are awaiting a current order you have placed,

we will be writing you back soon with news on your orders dispatch date,

and/or tracking number that it has left.   

 Please do not panic, we are shipping out dozens of 

orders every day and your order may have shipped already and / or be shipping any day now, 

and we are just catching up to contact you and let you know. 

Just please be patient with us is all we ask. Thank you.  :)


NEW ORDERS:  Order loads right now in the factory have us at about

2-3 weeks processing time, from time of order placement.   

We recommend that should you want to place an order anytime

soon that you not let that detour you, because we are always busy year round,

and it is best to get your spot in the queue. 


If you have any further questions, please let us know.