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10 Action Figure Bubbles - You Choose

Various bubbles, you pick and choose, from the line of vintage STAR WARS and GI Joe characters.  Our bubbles are manufactured from top quality poly vinyl materials, slightly thicker than originals, so that they hold up over time better.  All of our bubbles are manufactured with exactly detail obtained from original donors, so you know you are getting the very best detail available anywhere. All bubbles are machine die cut just as originals as well. Insert trays count as one bubble, when ordering.  Simply pick out what level of bubbles you want, they are listed in quantities of 10 per price level, then email us after you have paid and let us know the names and quantity of each character you would like, ie, (i ordered 10 bubbles, i would like 5 darth vader, and five cobra commanders). and we will match up your email to the payment.  Please be sure to leave enough info so we can match them up.  If you have any questions of course, you can email us, and our customer service department will handle it. 

10 Action Figure Bubbles - You Choose


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