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Have a question not covered here on the website?  

Mon-Fri 8am-4pm. (440)589-4553

Please enter your questions below,  in a simple, itemized format.

Our customer service representative, Jennifer, will be glad to answer them. 

*She is a life long Star Wars fan and collector.  She also enjoys all the various G.I. Joe Characters, in fact, her father, was similar to the Joe character Spirit in that he was a full blooded native American tracker in the Viet Nam war, Semper Fi! USMC.

Please keep in mind the following things when submitting questions:

1. We are always very busy.

2. We handle emails during business hours. 

We will not answer questions on the weekends.

3. Emails are replied to in the order they are received.

4. Technical questions may take longer as they are referred to Scott

     who is usually busy on the factory floor. (But we will answer them!)

5. Have  you  tried the search bar on the home page? :)

Thanks! Message sent.

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