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Cardback Kit Instructions

Recarding Instructions

by Scott ward, Beggars canyon Toys,

(c) 2006= Beggars Canyon Toys


Thank you for your purchase of BC Toys Replicard(s), or Re-carding Bubble(s). You are no doubt pleased with the quality and affordability of our great looking products. Given a little care when handling and proper displaying and storage, these products should last you a lifetime.


How do you utilize them though to make your figures look good on them? Well, here are a few instructions and tips to help you out.

Handling and Care of your Replicards

When you handle the replicards with your bare hands, be sure that your hands are free of any moisture, oils, dust and dirt. Avoid prolonged contact with the cards front and back surfaces as the natural oils present in your skin can leave unwanted fingerprints. When you are done working on the cardback, it is best to store it in a Star Case, acrylic case or other similar collecting/displaying device, or at the least, in a clear comic bag.

Be sure never to store or display the cardbacks in a damp environment or one with any long exposure to sunlight, florescent light, or any high watt or alternate heat-transferring light source.

Mounting The Bubbles on the Replicard

There are two different methods for mounting the bubbles to the replicards: glue or tape. I  DO NOT recommend gluing any longer. The broad range of different adhesives have numerous chemical properties which leave too much to chance and can trash a project quick esp. if the wrong compounds are used.

Let's Get Started

For sealing your figure, sand  the sticker residue from bubbles. I recommend a little Zippo lighter fluid on the end of a cotton swab. What you will need for a successful bubble mounting project are as follows:

1.   Sharp Scissors

2.   Tweezers.

3.   3m double sided tape

4.   3m 1/2 inch clear tape (if weapon is to be mounted to bubble)

5.   Windex type cleaner and a soft  cotton cloth

6.   A hearty helping of a good old-fashioned patience!

Let's Get Ready To Bubble!


Again, make sure the bubble is clean and free of fingerprints, dust, or hair/fuzz. A little window cleaner and a soft, cotton cloth with some gently applied motion will take care of this for you. Be careful not to rub too hard or you will scuff and scratch the bubble.


Now the weapon/accessory will need to be taped in place (optional). Not all figures came with weapons taped in place i.e. Tusken Raider, Chewbacca and several others. Most pistols and other small-accessorized characters had taped weapons with the exception of Storm Troppers and some Greedos, which were in hand. You may want to use  drop of super glue to keep them in place.


Lay the weapon on the table and pull of a larger-than-needed piece of the clear tape. Stick it to the weapon and pick it up at both ends. Now gripe the weapon and tape with the tweezers and cut off excess ends where your fingerprints are (Figure 1). Now apply the weapon to the inside of the bubble as shown in the photo below. You may also need to apply double-sided tape to the bottom of the cardstock footer to keep it from dislodging.







Mounting the Bubble Using The Double-sided tape

Working with double-sided tape can be difficult at first and may take some getting used to depending on how good you are with your hands and your level of patience. It sticks to everything it touches and of course fingerprints will get onto it so always tear off more than you need. You need to handle it at the ends and cut them off using the tweezers to pull it in place. I have tried rubber gloves as well but they leave nasty marks as well. The best methods as I have said is to  just tear off more than needed and handle at the ends. Apply the tape at the bottom side of the bubble flange being careful not to overlap anywhere with the tape as it will show up in the finished piece big time (Figure 2).

Once you have laid out all the tape around the entire bottom flange, turn the bubble upright and carefully trim the excess tape from around the flange using the flange itself as a guide for the scissors and as little pressure as possible being careful not to cut into the bubble flange itself (Figure 3). Once the tape is all ready, check the bubble closely against some light for any flecks of dirt, dust, stray hairs or fuzz. Once you are sure the bubble is ready, place it over the figure on the cardback and starting in the middle on either side, work the flange down pressing with your finger to work the bubble flange down around the entire perimeter of the bubble (Figure 4). That's it! You are done! Polish the bubble and put it in your favorite display device. Enjoy!

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