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We ship to the United States, all 50, Britain, and Canada. If you have any questions concerning your location, please e-mail. We use U.S. Postal for shipping. We pride ourselves in professional packing for safe delivery of the items you order.  If you have any questions concerning shipping, please email us and we will be glad to help. We do NOT accept any cancellations, we do NOT offer refunds and we do NOT transfer any orders.

Please note that due to our manufacturing processes, inventory system, and extremely small staff,  we cannot offer or split up products into any other format than what is listed for sale on this website.  Also, due to our very tight profit margin and vast expenses to bring these great products to you, we cannot offer any discounts greater than those already represented in the price points on this website, including master sets for kits, and bubble quantity price points as well.  Please note that orders placed on or after November 25th, are not guaranteed to be delivered by Christmas.  There are too many variables at play this time of year including an influx of orders, busier schedules, adverse weather, the post office being backed up, and of course, just in general how screwed up the world operates now. We do our best but once a parcel leaves our building and enters the couriers systems, it literally is out of our hands.  

We understand that your purchase is important and you would like it as fast as possible.  Due to the epic scale of items available, we do keep a very limited inventory in stock but most items are produced per order, so it does take time.

      *Please keep in mind, that not only are all items custom, and hand made but that the amount, and size of orders we are processing at any given time varies, and greatly affects fulfillment time.  
     *An email with tracking number and method of shipping  will be sent when the order has been shipped.  
     *As we continue in our committed endeavors of quality and detail that our customers have come to expect and demand, we certainly thank you for your patience and understanding. 
     *Should you have ANY questions, before pursuing any other avenues,  please send formed and complete questions to:   
     *We appreciate and rely upon your patronage for which without, we cannot continue to bring you such excellent products. we are always growing and improving methods to bring you our items quicker while maintaining the quality we are world renowned for.  


To help ease your mind, we want to take a moment to explain the process of how your order is handled. Your order goes through five stages:​

  1. Processing

  2. Staging    

  3. Production

  4. Packaging

  5. Fulfillment 

​As stated before, this all takes time. We process in order, even if its a small or large order, so even if you ordered a small item it may take time as you may have a larger few orders in front of you just like a super market or store, sorry there is no line cutting, or self checkout. 

We do our best to get things out as timely as possible but once again, and although we do have some machines to help in the process, these are handmade, custom, per ordered items, so please be patient. We are working full time, every day, around the clock, to get orders out. Also keep in mind we are a small family company that does EVERYTHING IN HOUSE, no out sourcing, no supporting China!  Everything is sourced and made in the USA! Period! 

  Thank you.

 -Team BCT. 

For any questions not answered by our polices, please visit our F.A.Q. 

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