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Beggars Canyon History

     Established in 2006, Beggars Canyon Toys (BCT), is the original forerunner, purveyor, and provider of vintage Star Wars and GI Joe action figure card back packaging restoration supplies. 

     Team BCT consists of a tight knit group of five different specialists, who bring decades of knowledge in the fields of toy histories, manufacturing, computer technologies, and sales experience to the table.

     This amazing amalgamation, not only affords us a unique perspective, but also provides us the utmost confidence that we are bringing you, the passionate vintage Star Wars and GI Joe action figure collector, the very best available in the card back restoration hobby.

What is the vintage action figure card back restoration hobby? 

     It is an exciting, and affordable alternative to displaying all the beloved figures you had as a child, just as you remember them in the stores, looking pristine in their bubbles, and on beautiful card backs!


     BCT uses only the best in materials, craftsmanship, original vintage specifications and manufacturing methods.  All products are always clearly marked reproduction packaging, so as not to confuse anyone within the used action figure market.   

     Please peruse our website and should you have any questions or needs outside of what is presented here, feel free to contact concerning your collecting  inquiries. 

            We would love to hear from you! 

 Ask for Jennifer, our stellar customer service representative, and she will be glad to help! 

CONTACT Jennifer:

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