G. I. Joe Series 1.5 Swivel-arm Master Set

This master set contains the following complete kits for the Swivel-arm series:

  • Breaker
  • Flash
  • Grunt
  • Rock n' Roll
  • Scarlett
  • Short Fuze
  • Snake Eyes
  • Stalker
  • Zap
  • Cobra Officer
  • Cobra Soldier


Each kit includes:


  • The fully-detailed cardback featuring the correct colors, corners, peg punch, card thickness and using only archival materials
  • Correct size and style bubble FOR EACH INDIVIDUAL FIGURE - Exclusive to BC Toys – No “one size fits all” garbage here – all of our bubbles are produced 'in house' by us, to insure accurate details, and fitting.
  • Each card is discretely marked as a restoration item on the back
  • Detailed instructions for mounting your figures quickly and easily

G. I. Joe Series 1.5 Swivel-arm Master Set