STAR WARS 12 Back Re-Carded Set Complete 13 Figures!

This listing is for the re-carded figures shown here:

Complete set of 12 back Star Wars figure characters, including both jawa cape variations, for a total of 13 figures, re-carded on 12a back replica cards with correct bubbles, footers, weapons, capes, and accessories.  Various mix of vintage original and retro series figures, original capes, weapons and repro capes and weapons.  Jawa vinyl cape is a reproduction cape.  Heat sealed here in our shop, for the most accurate replica look possible.  Each card is discretley marked reproduction packaging on the back.  

      Brand new Star Case brand cases are included in with this set, as well as two brand new comic book long boxes, to ship and store them in if desired.  FREE SHIPPING is also included.  Just purchase, and display!  Its that simple.  

STAR WARS 12 Back Re-Carded Set Complete 13 Figures!

  • No returns on re-carded figures. 


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