Summer 2020 Update

Dear BCT Customers, 
       Despite these challenging times we live in, please know that we are running at full capcity with full staff.  Also know that if our 14 year expansion of personnel, processes and square footage has taught us anything, it's that you, the customer, matter more than ever. That is why we work so hard, as a small business, to fulfill your orders quickly and efficiently, every single day, in the order in which they are received. 
         We know that you love and appreciate our products, which is why we ask that you please be patient and await your shipping notification from us.  Also, should you have any questions about your order or have any issue with a pre existing order, please contact us at We will always make it right, because we really do care, something often taken for granted in this world.         We are dedicated to you, our loyal customers. That means all of you. :)  -Scott Ward.  BCT CEO.

SALE - All Re-Carded

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Beggars Canyon Toys

 P.O. Box 351

Willoughby, Ohio 44096